Tuesday, January 25, 2011

We came to warn you about the angry puppy.


This is what my life has become.

I get so easily addicted to storylines. Whether it is a book, a film, or a TV series, I always end up completely wrapped up in the plot. If I am reading a good book, I won't be able to put it down until I reach the end. If I am even somewhat interested in a movie, I will watch it repetitively until I completely grasp every little detail. If I find a show entertaining and the seasons have been released, I will watch episode after episode, day and night, until I have flown through the entire series.

Basically, I go apeshit over a decent storyline. The development of a plot and characters is like a drug to me. Buffy the Vampire Slayer is no exception to this... in fact, I may be the most enthralled that I have ever been by a television show.

Oh yeah, and anyone who thinks Spike is "beneath" them should be subjected to the most excruciating pain possible before a very dishonorable death. I LOVE WILLIAM THE BLOODY, and I am not even ashamed of it.

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