Monday, January 17, 2011

I've been Lombardo'd.

For so long now, learning how to play the piano has been an aspiration of mine. My mother's unused piano remained in my living room with the sole purpose of collecting dust... until today. Yes, today I finally began the learning process, because I finally found a teacher other than, well, myself.


Someone whom I have seen in concert, whose CD I have purchased, is my piano teacher. For basically $0.50 per minute, I am graced with his wisdom via Skype. It is SO WORTH IT. As someone who is not exactly musically gifted, I really feel like I'm going to learn something. Plus, I actually get to talk to one of my YouTube heroes, which is a pretty substantial bonus. Who cares if I sound like an idiot when attempting to figure out an instrument? It's not my strong suit. I have accepted it... somewhat.

Another musical goal of mine is to learn to play the guitar, which my friend has kindly offered to teach me. Spencer is not necessarily as exciting of a teacher as MiLo, but I'm pumped all the same.

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