Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I wouldntwatchiteither.

I uploaded my first ningfighter video today. (:

The history behind our collaboration channel is a short and not-so-interesting one, but I will fill you in regardless. We met on a forum on the ning, the internet community formed by vlogbrothers. Zoë and Will were recruiting people for their channel, and they chose Dan, Sophia, and I out of everyone who auditioned. After procrastinating and procrastinating on coming up with a name, Will put us all out of our misery and just made the account. Thus, the ningfighters were born. :D
These people are lovely, interesting, and of course awesome. I am so thrilled to be included in this project with them. (:

Making my video today was somewhat of an ordeal. I went to sleep at nine o'clock this morning after a night of insomniac TV-watching, and groaned as I got up at noon for the grueling work of talking to a camera. I got ready, turned on my camera, and realized that I had no idea what I wanted to say. Wading through the exhaustion-induced haze that was clouding my mind was a struggle, and I would be lying if I said that I ever truly made any headway. Honestly, I rambled for about ten minutes, edited six out of it, and uploaded it without considering the state of my mind first. What a mess.
Don't drive drunk, don't call exes while high, and don't upload to YouTube while extremely overtired.

Abby: As the only person who reads this, I think you warrant a shout-out... 'ello there. :D

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  1. Hells to the YESSS!

    ...IDEA! You should sell out and tell people about your blog on your youtube channel!

    Do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it!