Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Bonding Process

Warning: this blog post is mainly me gathering my thoughts, which will undoubtably not be at all interesting. You might as well stop reading here; I won't hold it against you. :P

Lately, I have spent far too much time mulling over the process of getting to know someone, and how much technology has complicated things. When you are already comfortable with someone and know them fairly well, you can imagine their inflection while reading a text message or IM. However, when talking to an internet friend textually, it isn't necessarily as easy for them to pick up on sarcasm or understand your sense of humor. It's hard to get past that without being accustomed to each other's voices. Sigh.

I guess this concept has been plaguing me because my thoughts tend to take a much more formal manner when being written out than spoken aloud. Maybe it is my rigid journalistic training taking effect? Whatever the reason, I just seem so rigid via text, like I need to chill the fuck out. Ugh. I guess the difference is that while physically hearing my words, it becomes obvious that I never take myself seriously. Without being able to recognize that tone in my voice, my writing conveys that I need to lighten up. This has become increasingly apparent, and it just... sucks.

In other news, I literally just finished The Hunger Games trilogy. HOLY SHIT. That is all I have to say until I organize my thoughts; otherwise I'll be reduced to a rambling mess while attempting to convey exactly how much I love that series.

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