Sunday, February 20, 2011

I bet my friends are more ridiculous than yours...

I don't even know how to describe my night without listing the events in bullet point form; they're just too ridiculous. I need new friends.

- After observing the uncharacteristically warm weather for February, I decided that I shouldn't be wasting away the evening alone in my house. I texted two of my friends, and we agreed to meet at one of their houses.

- The house that we decided on is in the middle of a cul-de-sac, meaning that the curb curves rather drastically. It is difficult to park unless you have a driveway at your disposal, and my friend Hazy decided that she could do a better job than me. Mere seconds after getting behind the wheel, she speedily reversed into a mailbox, knocking it clear over.

- My other two friends, having heard the crash, came racing outside. We spent about five minutes in hysterics, trying to decide how to best handle the situation, before determining that we should simply re-bury the mailbox. We had to dig the original hole deeper, and it took more than twenty minutes to get the ground compact enough to keep the mailbox up.* (The entire time, we were whispering frantically, as if we were burying a body or something. I blame the fact that it was in the dark.)

- As soon as it had been determined that Hazy had not damaged my car and that the mailbox would stay put, we hurried inside to play about two hours of Dance Dance Revolution. It was glorious, considering we are four of the most awkward girls you will ever come across.

- Hazy and I spent at least half an hour looking up clips of Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, trying to convince our friends that he is the most delicious creature to ever exist. Ever.

- We ate this strange bacon banana pepper pizza that apparently Bulgarians like? At least, my Bulgarian friend and her family are obsessed with it. I'm not sure how universal that is. :P

- Somehow Vassi (the girl whose house we were at) convinced us to get in the jacuzzi, something that none of us wanted. We had about an hour of idle girl talk, giggling over subjects that I am highly ashamed to have discussed. Could we be any more stereotypical?

- I had an allergic reaction to chlorine, struggling to breathe. We then played more DDR.

- Hazy and Vassi researched everyone we have ever met on Facebook, because they're creepy like that.

- I went home and watched at least two hours of Friends.

- I then stayed up until six in the morning reading the second installment of the Hunger Games trilogy.

I AM SO EXHAUSTED.  Mehh... goodnight. (:

*Edit: It eventually fell over during a thunderstorm, but we paid for it.

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  1. Spike is one of my many husbands. He's so dangerous and tame at the same time. So YUM. hahahahaha