Sunday, February 6, 2011

Party? I'd rather do laundry.

It seemed almost as if everyone in America was at a Super Bowl Party today, with me being the exception. Even the people who aren't interested in football attended a gathering solely for the commercials or the company, but apparently I am just too cool for that. Forgoing the opportunity I had to be with actual people today, I chose to lounge around my house all by my lonesome, thinking about doing chores. I managed to accomplish making a video about nothing, throw a couple loads of laundry through the washer, and eat a thousand doughnuts. My life, right thurr.

I don't actually have anything real to say today, but finally uploading a video to my personal channel inspired me to create a quick blog post. Here it is, so Katey OUTTTTTT.


  1. I know right? There needs to be an update when someone replies to a comment. It irks me.
    Thanks, I appreciate that.
    I guess I just need to do it.

  2. LOTR is amazazing. I live in NZ around where some of if was filmed.
    I'm reading the books for the first time now. *enjoyment*

    Washing is important. Sometimes the superbowl must be sacrificed for enough socks.

  3. just stopping by :)

    i ate so many doughnuts yesterday as well!

  4. Good job with the wash. Your friends and coworkers appreciate the change of scent. *thumbsup*

    But no, just kidding, I didn't go to a party either. I'll just watch the commercials on YouTube later and maybe read an article about it, too... But probably just the 'mercials ;)